The Pope in Hungary

An interview with István Hegedűs was published in Magyar Hang about the early years of Fidesz on 30 May 2023.
István Hegedűs took part as an invited expert at the seminar of the Heinrich Böll Foundation entitled "How to Counter Right-Wing Populism and Extremism in Europe?" on 13 October 2015 in Brussels.
The opinion of István Hegedűs was cited about the political situation in Hungary in an article published in Monitor Global Outloo
István Hegedűs's views were cited on Viktor Orbán's European policy in an article published in Népszabadság on 13 March 2014.
István Hegedűs’s interview entitled Európai identitásunkat vonja kétségbe a kormány was published in Élet és Irodalom on 9 Marc