Alliance of the European Radical Right?

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On 26 November 2022 Klubrádió broadcasted on the international conference "The Future of Democracy and the Summit for Democracy from the Perspective of a Hungarian NGO", organised by the Hungarian Europe Society.
István Hegedűs was interviewed in Suomen Kuvalehti on 20 December 2023 about Viktor Orbán's behaviour at the meeting of the European Co
István Hegedűs talked about the European role of Viktor Orbán in the Eurozóna program of Klubrádió on 1 February 2019.
István Hegedűs was the guest of László Juszt's online program called "Private Talks" on 1 April 2021. 
István Hegedűs gave an interview about the new power relations inside the European Parliament and the likely postponement of the suspension of Fidesz' membership in the European People's Party on 30 January 2020.