István Hegedűs participated at the workshop entitled "The Europe We Want" on 11–12 June 2019 organised by the Permanent Representation of North Rhine-Westphalia to the German Federation in Berlin in cooperation with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) in Berlin. 
István Hegedűs' opinion was quoted in the article published in La Stampa about the attacks of the government against the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 14 February 2019.
Photographer: Alexei VitvitskyTASS via Getty Images
István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió on 11 April 2018 discussing how the Hungarian Prime Minister influences the politics of the European Union.
István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió on 5 January 2015 about the European Commission's move to deal with the negative political development in Poland.
The Hungarian Europe Society organised a workshop entitled "Illiberal democracies – what can the European Union do in case a member state regularly and systematically breaches European values and regulations?" on 24 April 2015 in Hotel Marmara, Budapest.