Mission statement

The Hungarian Europe Society, as a non-partisan and non-governmental organisation, is committed to the ideal of a unifying Europe and wishes to promote Hungary’s ever-deeper integration into Europe. We believe that the founding of the European Union and the subsequent accession of the post-communist countries after the regime-change ranks among the most magnificent chapters in our continent’s history. In the interest of European citizens – Hungarians included – the advantages offered by a common Europe must be fully exploited!

We are dedicated to the preservation and further development of the achievements of the European Union as they are enshrined in the Treaties, especially the common fundamental values, the European single market, the area based on freedom, security and justice and its components, like the Schengen Area, the refugee policy as well as the system of cooperation in the area of justice and home affairs. Furthermore, we also urge joint European action and legislation in the areas of foreign policy, security and defence, as well as education and social policy. As a consequence of changing trends in global politics and in the international economic system, today there is a greater need than ever for joint efforts and cooperation. On their own, even the largest member states are too small to be on equal footing with the major global powers. Beyond our commitment to a united European Union, we also support new forms of enhanced cooperation, as long as these remain open to any member states that may wish to join them later; and we find it essential to expand the EU’s own budget. We believe that the strong ties between the European Union and the United States of America, as well as the defence capabilities of NATO, remain vital factors in shaping the future of world politics.

It would be a mistake to react to the various crisis phenomena affecting the European Union – be it the internal tensions within the Eurozone; the migration and refugee waves; the threat of terrorism; the uneven level of cohesion between member states; or the violations of democratic norms and the rule of law – with a turn towards re-nationalisation. Instead, greater efforts are needed to further democratise the European multi-level political system and decision-making process whilst strengthening the European public sphere. In order to increase political and economic integration, we stand for the reinforcement of the capacities and competences of the European institutions. We urge that the European Commission be provided with the relevant legal mandates as well as the financial tools to hold member states more effectively accountable – under the democratic control of the European Parliament – for their compliance with the rules of the community, especially the common values enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty on the European Union and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. We support further enlargement of the European Union and expect to welcome the United Kingdom back among its members.

The Hungarian Europe Society rejects any instances in which the local, regional, national and European identities of persons are turned against each other; it condemns national egoism, Euro-sceptic populism, attacks against the values of liberal democracy, and the dismantling of the institutional system of the rule of law. A world in which states believe that their national interests are best served by standing against international solidarity and cooperation will inevitably hurt weaker states the most, impairing their prospects of economic cohesion, whilst the stronger ones, too, stand to lose out. The diversity of Europeans – their various languages, cultures and traditions – provides a wealth of resources for joint thinking and problem-solving. We are committed to a reform of the European Union that offers European citizens and their organisations a wide range of opportunities for cross-border co-operation, also providing them safeguards to turn to the European institutions for remedies in case of aggrievements.

In accordance with the above mentioned positions, the Hungarian Europe Society wants to be actively present in Hungary as well as in the international political and professional public debates. Our organisation is engaged in building ties to other Hungarian and foreign civil groups and think tanks which share our fundamental values. Each year we organise conferences and public debates dealing with the current state and future of the European Union and liberal democracy. The Hungarian Europe Society consistently monitors the Hungarian government and other Hungarian political actors in the European arena. Representing the cause of a united Europe, it regularly issues declarations. It supports the teaching and research activities of HES members related to European political and economic integration, as well as their media appearances, whilst providing them with a forum for presenting their findings. It provides regular information about its activities on its website as well as in the social and mass media, and it always publishes its budget in a transparent manner.

History teaches us that the unity of Europe provides the most secure guarantee of the peace and prosperity of our continent. The Hungarian Europe Society proudly identifies with the transnational and supranational tradition of co-operation between European citizens, regions, nations and peoples. We are certain that the challenges and crises of the 21st century that threaten liberal democracies and the international order based on solidarity can only be successfully tackled by fulfilling the European ideals.