We pay our respects to the victims in Ukraine and we condemn Russian aggression

Declaration of the Hungarian Europe Society
The Hungarian Europe Society calls on the leaders of the Russian Federation to withdraw all of its military forces present on the sovereign territory of Ukraine and to return to peaceful dialogue. The conflict that has broken out is a European issue: the European Union and its member states are morally obliged to stand up for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as guaranteed by international agreements. Showing solidarity with those protesting for European ideas and the rule of law, we must use all peaceful means to support the new authorities and the democratic process, while the Russian aggression calls for tough words and deeds!
The government of Hungary has immediately to condemn the Russian intervention, as have done our allies and partners across the region. It is important, however, that the new government in Kiev, facing its unsteady legitimacy, pursue liberal ethnic policies which guarantee the basic rights and use of language of the ethnic minorities, upholding Ukraine’s integrity.
Making use of its economic and political leverage, the European Union should stand up against Russian aggression on Ukraine in a unified manner. We call on the European Commission and the European External Action Service to follow the United States in setting out sanctions in case Russia does not withdraw its forces from Ukraine! Until a peaceful solution to the crisis is reached, all talks with Russia on other issues should be suspended. The European Union and the United States should provide appropriate financial assistance to Ukraine in order to avoid a default. We should also support the ambitions of the Ukrainian people to become EU members!
The Russian aggression on Ukraine is entirely unjustifiable. Moscow’s intervention presents a security risk to the European Union, primarily the East-Central European region. Hungary and the European Union must use all peaceful means to counter that!
4 March 2014
* This statement does not necessarily reflect the convictions of all members of HES. It was approved with 28 votes in support and 1 against.