On the Irish Referendum

The Hungarian Europe Society’s Declaration on the Irish Referendum*

With relief and happiness we accept the convincing victory of the “Yes” votes in the Irish referendum. We have always supported the Lisbon Treaty: coming into force, it will make the decision-making process more transparent and the European political life more personalised. That is why we urge the Polish and the Czech Presidents that they sign the ratification instruments as soon as possible and ensure the workings of the European institutions - now in accordance with the new treaty. It would be frustrating if twenty years after the regime-changes in Central and Eastern Europe, politicians from our region would obstacle further European unity.

We need strong and enterprising European institutions! We expect that the member states nominate politically outstanding and skilled candidates to the renewing European Commission. In the coming years, the European Uunion should play an initiating and decisive role in many policy areas as well as in the arena of international politics.

Budapest, 3-6 October 2009

* The declaration does not necessarily reflect the views of all HES members. Forty members voted in favour, one person voted against the statement.