Recent behaviour of the Hungarian government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has raised questions whether the country is steering outside the European Union either by leaving the political and economic integration on its own decision or by provoking its expulsion by the European institutions a
Elodie Vialle
The international workshop "From Populist, Illiberal Political Narratives to Conspiracy Theories and Fake News in the Visegrád Region and Beyond" organised by the Hungarian Europe Society and supported by the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit was held on 7 June 2018 at the conference room...
Péter Balázs, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs held a presentation entitled Room of Manoeuvre: Hungarian Foreign Policy on 23 February 2010.
Tamás Molnár, member of the Hungarian Europe Society, researcher at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna, made a presentation entitled "After the European refugee crisis - still in the same operational mode?" at the Brussels seat of HES on 1 February 2018.
On 21 January 2009, Gábor Iván state secretary of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of HES made a presentation on the preparations for the Hungarian Presidency in 2011.