The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Strategy, Vision, Competition, Parties, Civil Society

The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Strategy, Vision, Competition, Parties, Civil Society


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Summary of a Hungarian experts' workshop organised by the Hungarian Europe Society, 20 April 2023

By Erik Uszkiewicz

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During this event, the invited analysts discussed questions about the extent to which the Hungarian illiberal, authoritarian populist system has consolidated thirteen years after Viktor Orbán’s election victory in 2010 as well as the chances of the democratic-liberal opposition parties and civil society organisations to renew themselves in order to achieve a political turnaround in Hungary. There was a consensus on the need for a strategic renewal of the mindset, behaviour, methods and techniques of political actors opposed to radical right-wing populism and the hybrid system created by Orbán. In light of the parliamentary elections a year ago, the dilemma of whether a return to the international community of liberal democracies will be possible at all in the near future has become even sharper.

In this summary, we quote expert opinions, findings and propositions anonymously that can and should be further discussed and debated.

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